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Collision Center Repair

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LUX Collision is the most reliable body shop in Shaven Park, Texas. Do not hesitate to contact them in case of an accident and your vehicle requires body repair. We understand that no one predicts when an accident will occur, and in case that happens, our team is a call away in the Shaven Park Neighborhood. We offer body repair giving your vehicle a brand-new look. Our services are exceptional and at very affordable rates.

All the technicians have undergone extensive training to meet the qualities we desire at our shop specifically. We don’t hire anyone to join our team but those with proven expertise and high levels of creativity. When you hire our crew to repair your car’s body, we have creativity and skills that restore it to as good as new. Our fundamental goal is to ensure our clients are back on the road as soon as possible. We employ the best skills to ensure that you don’t visit us again and again.

Our team comprises experienced and certified technicians with proven abilities. They understand how a vehicle should look like a body repair. The technicians know how and when to use different tools and equipment for the best results. Be confident that you will drive away an effectively and efficiently repaired car. Once our crew starts working on your car, be assured you will leave it looking as good as new.

Collision Center Car Repair

Body Shop in Shaven Park, Texas

A body shop is very critical and needs to be run by professionals. Our shop has qualified personnel that are ready to service your vehicle. The auto body repairs we offer include:

  • PDR, or paintless dent repair: a quick and effective way to get rid of little dings on your car. It works well on creases, hail damage, and door dents. Because the method doesn’t call for body fillers, painting, or sanding, it will preserve the original paint job.
  • Bumper Repair: We can fix minor blemishes without replacing the entire bumper. You also save time and money as a result.
  • Straightening the frame is a crucial step in maintaining the safety of your car. We can straighten your car’s structure using cutting-edge machinery.
  • Painting cars: Our automated printing technology enables us to match your car’s color properly.
Collision Center Car Repair

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The most reliable body shop in the area is LUX Collision. We put a lot of effort into offering everything you require to keep your car running smoothly and looking great. We ensure that the body of your car aids in creating the impression you wants to make everywhere.

So don’t hesitate to come to us or give us a call if something harms the body of your car. We’ll give you a free estimate or assist you in making an appointment at a time that works best for you. Contact the most convenient auto body shop in Shaven Park, Texas.