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The Most Trusted Auto Body Shop in Kirby, Texas

LUX Collision is a professional and reliable auto body shop in Kirby, Texas. We’re proud to offer our quality car repair services to this region’s residents at affordable prices. Our auto body repairs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bumper repair: We can take care of any cracked, scuffed, or damaged bumper on your vehicle.
  • Fender repair: We can replace or repair fenders that have been bent, dented, or otherwise damaged.
  • Paintless dent repair: This specialized form of dent repair involves gently massaging the dent out from the inside. It’s an excellent option for more minor dents that haven’t caused paint damage.
  • Auto frame repair: We can repair damage to your vehicle’s frame, whether it’s been bent in an accident or is rusting.

LUX Collision has experts ready to provide any of these services. Also, we will assess your vehicle and offer a free cost estimate before embarking on the repairs.

Collision Center Repair

Car Shop in Kirby, Texas

A car body shop is a facility with experts that repair vehicles after a collision or other damage. A good body shop will have the skills and experience to repair all kinds of damage, from big to small. At our shop, we’ve earned an exceptional reputation for providing top-notch repairs for all vehicles.

Our crew will gladly assess the damage and recommend the most appropriate repairs, whether you have a local or imported vehicle. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to identify faults and fix them. Our expertise, experience, and innovative technology enable us to restore every vehicle’s pre-accident status in no time.

If your vehicle needs new spare parts, like bumpers, we can install them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Also, we can paint your vehicle at our facility if necessary. Please don’t struggle to repair your vehicle after an accident. Instead, bring your car to us for superior and professional repairs.

Collision Center Car Painting

Affordable Kirby Shop

Nobody anticipates an accident. You could drive on a busy highway when somebody hits your car from behind and runs. Also, somebody can hit and dent your car in the parking lot. Such things can happen even to the most careful drivers. And when they do, it’s wise to choose a good body shop to repair your vehicle.

At LUX Collision, we understand our customers’ predicaments. Therefore, we charge reasonable prices for all our services. Our innovative techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and expertise allow us to provide fast, professional, and affordable services.

Our experts will fix it professionally and efficiently, no matter how minor or severe the damage seems. In some cases, our experts repair vehicles within minutes. And nobody will even suspect that your car had the fault. Trust us to fix your vehicle’s damage expertly at a reasonable price.

Visit LUX Collision today and let the best auto body shop in Kirby, Texas, repair your vehicle!