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Collision Center Car Painting

Car Paint Shops In San Antonio

LUX Collision Center is among the top-rated car paint shops in San Antonio. If your car has mismatched paint or looks like the paint is peeling due to sunburn and requires a lotion, we can help you. These could be signs of a collision, and the person that did the paint job didn’t do a good job.

We believe that paint job repair is as essential as mechanical fixes and auto body restoration. Your vehicle plays a vital role in your life. Therefore, you want it to maintain the best appearance. Therefore, if you were unlucky to have an auto accident, our team will fix the damage and provide a warranty for the work.

Collision Center Car Repair

Why We Stand Out from the Other Car Paint Shops In San Antonio

Quality is always at the core of what we do. Therefore, we have established a state-of-the-art auto painting facility at our shop. We provide the best value to every customer that invests in our service. Our auto painting service meets the highest quality and industry standards. Upon hiring us to paint your car, we will work diligently and efficiently to ensure a quick turnaround time and an enjoyable experience. Here’s why we’re among the top-rated San Antonio car paint shops.

  • Top-quality auto painting
  • Modern spray booth work
  • Assistance with auto insurance claims
  • Comprehensive collision repair

The paint job and the color were among the first things you noticed when buying your vehicle. Maybe it was a brand-new, shiny blue sedan, a red sports car, or a sleek black truck. All these have their charms, and that’s what attracts buyers.

Unfortunately, a collision can damage the impressive appearance of your vehicle. Luckily, our auto paint shop can restore that fantastic look that drew you to the car. We ensure that your car regains its showroom appearance once you bring it to our facility.

Our modern, computerized auto paint-matching technology enables us to accurately determine the exact original color of your vehicle’s paint. Upon completing the painting process, our quality assurance experts ensure that the new paint job is identical and meets the highest quality standards.

Collision Center Car Repair

Keen Attention to Detail

We’re a professional team that pays keen attention to detail when painting vehicles. Our modern facility can handle minor auto paint repair or the biggest restoration job. We commit ourselves to do an excellent job in every project detail. Whether it’s a classic restoration, custom paintwork, or mild to world automotive painting, we focus on achieving the best results.
We have installed the most remarkable and latest technologies for automotive painting in our shop. Our technicians receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Having the most experienced technicians and a modern paint shop guarantees you excellent results upon bringing your vehicle to us for painting.
We have fixed cars with mismatched paint, missing paint, peeling paint, etc. Nobody should drive a vehicle that looks terrible when we can fix the problem. Visit LUX Collision Center to get quality services from one of the best car paint shops in San Antonio, Texas!