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Auto Collision Center in San Antonio

Welcome to the auto collision center in San Antonio that guarantees you quality and lasting body restoration services. We understand that a car accident is not by choice. For this reason, we want to help you get over it as quickly as possible by providing innovative collision repair solutions. LUX Collision Center is among the leading auto collision centers in the region. We use cutting-edge technologies to turn your expectations into a reality. Our advanced auto repair equipment enables us to achieve the highest precision and impressive outcomes. Forget about finishes that don’t meet your expectations because our facility goes beyond your desires.

Collision Center Car Painting

Auto Collision Center in San Antonio That Provides Exceptional Services

We have the appropriate expertise and repair tools for all old and modern auto models. Modern cars are different from the earlier counterparts in many aspects. Therefore, their repair requires special attention, tools, and expertise. And that’s exactly what our team offers. Here are some of the services you can get from LUX Collision Center. 

  • Car Body Repair: Depending on the magnitude of the damage, your car body may need repair to bring it back to its original shape. We invest numerous hours working on the body to restore its attractiveness and aerodynamic performance. Our team comprises professionals who value your life and won’t do anything compromising the car’s safety during restoration. 


  • Paint Painting and Respraying: On the surface, car painting seems a simple process. However, it depends on many factors for an excellent outcome. At our auto collision center, we use only the manufacturer-recommended paints. Besides, we match the colors accurately to keep the pre-damage appearance unchanged.


  • Bumper Repair: Bumpers protect the car’s body from destruction by absorbing some shocks during collisions. As a result, they usually undergo considerable damage. We’re committed to fixing your bumper to restore its showroom state using our advanced repair solutions. 


  • Dent Removal: No matter how small, dents could significantly hurt the overall beauty of your car. Also, dent can lead to secondary damage like rusting of the metallic part of the vehicle. Our facility provides the most reliable dent removal services, including paintless dent repair.
Collision Center Car Painting

Why Bring Your Car to Our Collision Repair Center?

We’re proud to be one of the longest-serving auto collision centers in the San Antonio and nearby areas. We’ve mastered how to effectively repair various car parts and deliver refined outcomes to our customers. We’re glad to welcome you to our state-of-the-art auto body repair facility. We’re always confident with our promises because we have the best repair technicians. Each of them has acquired tremendous experience working on various car repair projects.
Our facility has managed to outshine other car collision centers because of our unique approaches to your car restoration demands. For example, our team constantly scrutinizes the clients’ feedback and adjusts accordingly for better future engagements. Our auto body repair shop leads because we champion mutual benefit instead of profit maximization. Also, there’s no brand or model we can’t handle and our technicians ensure exceptional finishes no matter your car type.
If you had an accident, whether major or minor, visit the best auto collision center in San Antonio. We promise to surpass your repair expectations.