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Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

LUX Collision provides top-notch auto body repair in San Antonio, Texas. We use innovative auto body repair technology to fix minor and major damages. Our technicians have received extensive training and vast hands-on experience to provide the best auto body repairs. Our shop is the best place to bring your vehicle if you’re looking for the best auto body shop in the region.

Our auto body repairs cater to the needs of local and imported car models. We use specialized technology and equipment to remove scratches and dents and repair broken bumpers. What’s more, our state-of-the-art car painting facility has computerized and modern equipment. Our invention in the latest technologies combined with our technicians’ vast hands-on experience guarantees you excellent results upon bringing your car to us for repair.

Perhaps, you’ve seen many auto body shops, and you now wonder why you should trust us to repair your car. Our technicians undergo continuous training to stay up-to-date with the latest auto body repair methods and the latest technologies. Over the years, we’ve fixed many auto body issues, leaving our customers’ cars looking brand new.

Whether your vehicle requires significant body repair or fixing minor paint damage, we have a specialist to do an excellent job. Our innovative equipment, technologies, and experience enable us to provide the most convenient and efficient auto body repairs. So, don’t drive a vehicle with paint damage when our technicians are ready to repair it. Visit us for quality repairs at any time.


Collision Center Car Repair

The Best Specialists in Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

Our auto body repair technicians are innovative specialists with vast hands-on experience. These professionals are passionate about fixing auto body damages. Using industry-leading technologies, we provide top-notch repairs for all vehicles. Whether it’s a family car, an SUV, a truck, or a company car, we have the most qualified specialist to repair it. Our crew commits itself to provide the highest quality auto body repairs to our customers. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to acquiring extensive knowledge and developing new ways of repairing auto body damage. What’s more, we are attentive to detail when repairing our customers’ vehicles. Trust that your car will be in the safest hands at LUX Collision.

Collision Center Car Repair

What We Do

We offer various auto body repairs for all vehicle makes and models. Whether your car has a minor ding, dent, scratch, or extensive damage, our technicians will fix it. Here’s the range of our auto body repair services.

  • Color mating and car painting: Our in-house color matching and painting systems, combined with our technicians’ expertise, enable us to deliver excellent results when painting vehicles.
  • Dent removal: We offer traditional and paintless dent repair using our innovative equipment.
  • Paintwork scratches: If your car has a scratch that taints its gorgeous appearance, our technicians will fix it.
  • Bumper scuffs: Our technicians can restore its pristine condition if damaged during a collision, whether you have a plastic or textured bumper.
  • Frame repair: We can fix and straighten your car’s frame using state-of-the-art technology.

No auto body damage is too small or too big for us to repair. Contact or visit LUX Collision for quality auto body repair in San Antonio, Texas!